St Patrick's Cathedral
St Patrick's Cathedral is the cathedral of the Catholic Diocese of Melbourne. Gothic revival style. St. Barthelemy's Cathedral is the tallest church in Australia.
Mornington Beach, Mornington Forest
Mornington has a beautiful sea area, as if it is on the island. The crystal boat floats on the blue sea. Sitting on the boat is like a transparent ocean world, romantic and beautiful.
The Rocks, Opera House, Sydney Bridge, Sydney University, Bronte Beach
The University of Sydney is Australia's oldest and most prestigious university. It is known as the “Australian First School” and the stunning Harry Potter House at the University of Sydney is also the best institution of higher learning in the world.
The Parliament House
The Parliament House of Melbourne is also one of the must-see attractions for newcomers to choose from, and it is perfectly matched with marble pillars at night.
Fitzroy has long been known as Melbourne's most literary region, with restaurants and gift shops that surprise you in its criss-cross streets. These small Melbourne-inspired boutiques create the unique temperament of Fitzroy, which also makes it impossible to replicate the streets.
Dandenong, Mount Macedon, Forest Glade Gardens
60km away from Dandenong area on the outskirts of Melbourne is full of super beautiful parks and gardens. Camping, walking, autumn trips, taking pictures, enjoying the warm sunshine, and warm air are great choices for travel.
Cactus Country
There is such a place around Melbourne, its beauty, will not be affected by the seasonal change. Even in winter, it is difficult to stop its passionate desert romance. Cactus Country is located at the junction of Victoria and Sunshine and is more than three hours drive from downtown Melbourne.
Labassa Castle
This 200-year-old mansion has experienced three different time experiences from private residences to popular apartments to cultural heritage. I have seen the ups and downs of history for more than a hundred years.
Brighton beach ,Collin st,Melbourne train
Melbourne is known for its coffee. Walking in the streets and alleys of the CBD, it smells of coffee.
Mornington Peninsula
The Mornington Peninsula is a popular day tripper and holiday destination noted for its safe swimming beaches and exhilarating ocean surf beaches.
Ayers Rock, Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park
Uluru is located almost in the heart of Australia. There is a saying in Japan that ‘Uluru is like the navel of the earth’. In 2004, Japan’s best-selling novelist Katayama Kyoko’s ‘Calling Love at the World Center’ made Uluru popular worldwide.
Twelve Apostles
The Twelve Apostles (Victoria) The Twelve Apostles is a collection of limestone stacks off the shore of the Port Campbell National Park, by the Great Ocean Road in Victoria, Australia.
Sika deer Farm
There is a beautiful farm near Dandenong. The farmer is holding these lovely sika deer. The farmers we found are arranged to shoot prewedding, so that our new people can get closer to nature.
Melbourne, Degraves street, Flinders st. station
Melbourne is a city that loves coffee. Because of the enthusiasm for coffee beans and the many top food groceries based in Melbourne, ice drops, filter presses and cups are common words in daily conversations.
(Macquarie)the rocks, Opera House, Harbour Bridge
The Sydney Bridge Opera House is a symbol of Australia, with its unique sail shape and the Sydney Harbour Bridge as a backdrop to the surrounding landscape. Thousands of new people come to photograph the building every year.
Flinders Street Station
Flinders Street Station, the largest and busiest train station in Melbourne's four train stations, and it is a Victorian building, Melbourne's first train station and the terminus of local train lines.
Uluru, Wilderness Starlight Exhibition
Uluru Wilderness Starlight Exhibition, this "flower sea" in the desert, is the reality of the Avatar dream, the popularity of it makes it delay again and again Must have to make an appointment in advance for this popular activity, and it costs $75 per person.
Carlton Garden, Royal Exhibition Building, the Melbourne Museum, The Parliament House
Carlton Garden is located in the heart of Melbourne and is listed as a World Heritage Site. Carlton Garden includes the Royal Exhibition Building, the Melbourne Museum and a historic fountain.
Blue Mountains
Blue Mountains in Sydney has been hailed as "the most beautiful place in the world" by Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom. Shooting on the edge of the cliff is definitely a stimulus, definitely experience it.
Ada Grace, Pollon Flowers
This Ada Grace of Erben is famous for its flower sheds. The entire ceiling is green leaves and flowers. It looks very nice and beautiful. Especially suitable for taking pictures, it has become the punching point for popular shooting.
Flinder Lane, Mornington Beach, Aplaca Farm, Flinder station
Mornington has a beautiful white sand beach, you can book our exclusive transparent romantic glass boat, there are cute camel sheep, Melbourne CBD has retro buildings, personalized graffiti street.
Collin St, Melbourne Train
This is a city we are familiar with. This is the city where we used to live. This is our favourite city. So we came back.
Mornington,Carlton garden,Train
If you find beauty in complexity, this peninsula south of Melbourne is the perfect place to get lost.
Melbourne CBD, Fiztory Library, Flinder Station, Collin St, Fairfield Park
They prefer the vintage style and feeling, so we have created a unique look that suits them in style, and chosen spots around the Melbourne's city.